Menswear – Footwear

Quality Men’s Footwear in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

 Here at Matthews menswear in Pembrokeshire we stock a range of men’s quality footwear for any situation.  We will help you find the perfect shoe or boot.  Assist with fitting to make sure you get the perfect shoe from one of your favourite brands.

 Come and visit this Pembrokeshire store and choose from our men’s shoe collections which include brogues, boots, casual shoes and smart shoes


 Accessories; Dents, Classic Lanes, Falke Socks, H J Socks, Tilley Hats, Olney Hats, Falsworth Hats, Linney Hats, Van Buck Ties, Jockey Underwear, Sopranos Ties, Regimental Club, Hugo, Speiger, Braces, Tumble & Hide, Mag Mouch Sophos