Menswear – Accessories

Pembrokeshire Suppliers of Men’s Accessories and Gifts

 Visit Matthews Menswear of Pembrokeshire if you are looking for a comprehensive range of accessories.

 Matthews is stockist to one of the largest collections of men’s accessories in Pembrokeshire.

 We have a large range of men’s accessories including men’s ties, men’s wallets, caps, hats, bags and umbrellas.

 Are you looking for large range men’s gifts in Pembrokeshire.  Visit our men’s department where our team will be happy to assist you in your choices.



 Mens Accessories; Dents, Classic Lanes, Falke Socks, H J Socks, Tilley Hats, Olney Hats, Falsworth Hats, Linney Hats, Van Buck Ties, Jockey Underwear, Sopranos Ties, Regimental Club, Hugo, Speiger, Braces, Tumble & Hide, Mag Mouch Sophos